After my trip to Alabama, I had an hour to kill before flying out of Atlanta back to Sioux Falls. I took the rare opportunity to visit iconic places where The Walking Dead and many other things were filmed.

The Walking Dead is still a show I really enjoy, despite its faults in the last five years or so. The backdrop for the entire series has been Georgia, in particular the small town of Senoia. I saw a hat in the Woodbury Shoppe, a place to get all the TWD souvenirs you can handle, that called Senoia "Y'allywood."

Before hitting Senoia, the first spot I stopped was the intersection of Cascade Palmetto Highway and Highway 92 where the series started with Rick Grimes parked his patrol car and carefully went looking for gas at the Texaco station that sits there. It was a busy spot on a Monday when there isn't a zombie apocalypse going on.

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Then it was off to Senoia where I saw the real-life downtown that was the setting for Woodbury during Seasons 3 and 4. It was pretty cool to see the more manicured boulevard separating traffic on Main Street where the Governor, coming off his recent eyeball stabbing at the hands of Michonne, put a mortally wounded resident of his town out of his misery following a walker bite.

Also in Senoia was The Woodbury Shoppe. It was full of souvenirs, t-shirts, coffee mugs and the like. But it also had some show artifacts that were really cool, provided to the shop's museum by AMC.

If you are ever in the Atlanta area, and you're a fan of The Walking Dead, this is a thing you must do.

The Walking Dead Filming Locations

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