I have a younger brother. His name is Taylor. We are four years apart. We both grew up bowling on leagues.

I started bowling when I was in third grade. My brother started a year or so after that. Obviously, in the beginning, I always kicked his butt. Then, as he got older, he started kicking my butt.

My brother stuck with bowling through college, whereas, I haven't bowled regularly since 2006. But every time we bowl there is still some healthy competition.

For example, last weekend, we went bowling.

And guess what?

I beat my brother for the first time in forever!!!!! Plus, I just bowled amazingly well for someone that doesn't get much practice.

I only had three open frames. For those of you that don't speak bowling lingo, an open frame means that I didn't spare or strike. So I only had three frames that I didn't spare or strike. And if you don't know what a frame is then you really need to get out of the house.

I only beat my brother the first game, but overall, I was very proud of myself.

Oh, and I feel very old, because it is three days later and I'm still sore from bowling. Yes, I said sore from bowling. I know, I'm embarrassed for me too.

Next stop the Olympics!!! Why isn't bowling an Olympics sport anyway?

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