Eddie Money did not disappoint in his performance to a sold-out crowd at Grand Falls Casino and Resort in Larchwood, IA on Friday (February 15)

Transporting the songs and memories from the 80's, Money sang all of his hits while bringing a few new songs into the fold as well.

The 80's rock star shared stories of his life, including sobriety just over a decade long, his entertaining recounts of conversations with his wife, and a few fully rehearsed jokes along the way.

The 90-minute show delivered exactly what the people came for, hearing their favorite songs in a way that sounded just like they did years ago.  Close your eyes and Eddie Money hasn't missed a beat.

The crazy rock and roll years have visibly taken its toll on money, who said he doesn't remember some of those wild party years.  I couldn't help but wonder what his two grown children, who are now part of the band must have seen of their father as they were growing up.  Nonetheless, they seem to have made peace with Money's past, embraced him fully for where he is today and have compiled a very talented family band, with a few friends playing bass, keyboard and drums.

Beth Warden (results radio)
Beth Warden (results radio)

At the end of the show to a cheering crowd, he exclaimed that he should have saved his money, or shouldn't have spent it all....something along those lines.  The crowd roared with laughter.



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