When I was in school, back there in the elementary and high school days, I thought our school day started way too early. Now in the interest of honesty, if they'd started the school day at 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00, I'd have still thought it was too early.

But my question for you is twofold: 1) What time do your kids head off to school? And 2) Is it too early?

These days everything is studied by somebody somewhere, and so it is with the start time of a school day. The Associated Press is reporting now that high school kids in Seattle have a later start time to the school day, they're doing better.

The article at NBC News says the students wore monitors and scientists discovered that when school started at 8:45 instead of 7:50 grades went up. Now, they didn't go from a D- to a B+, but they did go up.

They found that 'wake up' time went from 6:24 AM to 7:08 AM, while the 'hit-the-hay' time didn't move much, from 11:27 PM to 11:36 PM.

Now, that's what the survey said.  But what do you say? Do your kids go to school too early?

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