When I think of the most wonderful time of the year I don't think of the Andy Williams Christmas song. I think of shooting season. For me it usually runs from March to October. This year, with an awful April, it's going to be May to October, I hope!

Today I shot my fourth match of the year already, a USPSA pistol match with the Sioux Falls Practical Shooters. The shooting was ok, I didn't do well. Mostly because shooting a pistol well is hard. That's why the challenge sucks me in so much. Trying to perfect a skill that requires so much practice and discipline to do well at is maddening, challenging, and addicting.

But every now and then I can't be bogged down by the all consuming pistol. I'll go shoot a 3-gun match (rifle, pistol, and shotgun). Two of my previous three matches were of the multigun variety. They are just stupid fun. While they include pistol shooting, it tends to be less technical and simple. That's not to say that it is easy. At 3-gun matches I tend to leave targets on the course completely unmolested by my guns. You can end up shooting 20 rounds of pistol, 20 rounds of rifle, and 20 rounds of shotgun on one stage. It's not difficult to forget a about a target here or there.

I've got a couple big matches coming up in Nebraska with the Great Plains Sectional and the USPSA Area 3 matches later this summer. My first major pistol matches. I will not win them, but I am excited to see how I fare against the best in the region and the country.

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