Last Friday I competed in the United States Practical Shooting Association's Hornady Area 3 Championship in Grand Island, Neb. It's pretty sweet when you play a sport that allows you to compete directly against some of the best in country, a few of whom are among the best in the world. It's also very humbling.

I shot the Limited division. That means I can add a few go fast parts to my Glock 35, as many bullets as I can fit into a 140 millimeter magazine, and get extra points for shooting a heavier caliber, .40 S&W instead of 9mm, but I still have to use regular iron sights.

When I shoot our local club matches I often come in towards the top of my division. That was not even close to the case in Nebraska.

I came in 50th out of 87 shooters. My score was 56.44% of the score posted by the winner, Shane Coley. Of all of the points I could have scored I only got 52% of them while the winner shot 93% of the points. He also did it 120 seconds faster. Yeah, he's pretty good.

I learned a lot, am going to get to work to get better, and can't wait for the next match!

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