Andy Hunting Shooting

NRL22: A Shooting Sport I Never Thought I Would Do
NRL22, the .22 rimfire offshoot of the National Rifle League, has caught fire across the country. There are over 800 member and counting, 102 clubs around the country shooting 65 matches per month. Four matches a month are held in South Dakota.
South Dakota Deer Application Deadline is Looming
Right about now phone calls are being made and text messages are being sent between friends and family with a bit of subdued urgency. And the question asked in each of these phone calls is something along the lines of "So what are you thinking of doing this fall?"
No Mowing Ditches Until July 10
With a fair amount of rain last week and a lot of sun this week, road ditches are getting pretty hairy with grass. But if you have an urge to do that mowing you have to hold off on that.

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