Lacking appropriate covering isn’t a crime. Neither is randomly swinging a piece of wood. It’s what happened next that caused the trouble.

Sioux Falls Police Sargent Shaun Olson says it happened on Sunday around 7:30 AM near 28th Street and Summit Avenue.

“The subject was observed in this area shirtless and swinging a two by four around. When officers arrived, he immediately put the two by four down and sat down on the sidewalk. Officers tried to approach him, but he took off on foot.”

In the process of the chase, Olson says the suspect tried to find refuge in the wrong place.

“He then entered an unsecured business in the area, it was not open for business (at the time). Officers saw him inside the business and when he exited the business, the foot pursuit resumed and he was eventually taken into custody.”

Police arrested the 24-year old suspect from Sioux Falls on a charge for unlawful occupancy. Officials also say that Janis also has outstanding warrants against him. The suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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