The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens this Friday, and The Muppets are returning to television, (hopefully) very soon. What do these two entertainment events have to do with each other? Good question, huh?

The newest Avengers flick could turn out to be the biggest movie of the summer season. The Muppets movies collectively have made almost 500 million dollars, which by fuzzy puppet standards is pretty good. What happens when you mash these two together? Another good question, no?

Alright, alright! Who better than those lovable Muppets to send up the Marvel Universe in their own unique way. The premise here is that a bad guy is scheming to turn all the world's vegetables into desserts. Which you would think would be something The Cookie Monster would love. But he knows the value of veggies and always fights for the right thing.

So Cookie and his "Aveggies", including, Onion Man, The Mighty Corn, Captain Americauliflower and the Black Bean Widow take on a giant chocolate chip cookie spaceship to save the earth's vegetables.

It's silly, it's fuzzy, your kids will love it and perhaps you will too!

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