Seriously?!?! Isn't the above creature just terrifying?!?!?! Even the Wall Street Journal is confused?

They posted this video about sloths and their booming popularity.

I honestly, do not understand why people like them so much! They are not cute, they are not cuddly, and they will attack you with their talons! Jack Hanna even said so!

As quoted in the article, "Animal experts are baffled by the public’s intense affection for a mammal that barely moves." I am baffled as well! What are people thinking? In the video, they speak of old attitudes towards sloths and how scientists thought they were lazy and stupid. I guess I'm just old fashioned.

Also, they talk about people crying when they see or touch a sloth. I would cry too, but for much different reasons. They creep me out! I can't explain it! They are just so gross!

It was hard for me to even watch the video because they are so nasty.

I don't trust any living thing that only poops once a week!

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