Self care if one of those new buzz phrases that didn't seem to make its way into many conversations until recently.

There seems to be a couple types of people:

-Those who only take care of themselves

-Those who only take care of others

I believe this new self care movement has a lot to do with bringing balance between givers and takers.

Some people have a tendency to spend so much time taking care of others they become burnt out on life because they are carrying too much weight.

Self care is a way to put some of that weight down and find ways you can wind down.

For a lot of people the first thing that goes out the window when life gets hard is the self care. These also happen to be the most important time to take the time for yourself.

People are being encouraged to post a picture of their self care and do the #selfcare to encourage others to do the same.

If your self care means staying of social media and less #'s then skip the post, but don't skip the self care, you are worth taking care of.

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