Two good things can be said about all the rain that has soaked the Sioux Empire this week. First, we are all saving tons of money on car washes. Second, at least it's not snow!

Other than that it's been a wet, damp, moist mess. Reports of nearly five inches of rain falling prompted flash flood watches and flood warning. Along with flooded roads, the Big Sioux River that runs through Sioux Falls went over its banks in several places by midday Thursday. I went to three places along the river in the city to check it out.

The first stop was near Farm Field Park near 57th and Western.

Farm Field Park

Next up was Rotary Park on the eastside of town on 26th street. This is where they are doing lots of work, moving the park to the other side of the river. You can see that the water is up to the new pedestrian bridge.

Rotary Park

Finally I got on the bandwagon and stopped at Falls Park. As expected the river was full, the water was raging and the falls were magnificent.

Falls Park


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