Millions of people have been mesmerized by the Pokemon Go app. A consumer advocate has a few handy tips to enhance the experience.

The game encourages those with the app to go searching and capturing Pokemon in various locations. State Director Jessie Schmidt of the Better Business Bureau in South Dakota cautions that personal information could be at risk.

“(For Android phones) you can download a fake Pokemon Go app that looks nearly identical to the original and that one has shown to have malware. On the Apple Store just to be cautious, when you download that app it asks you to give access to your entire Google account including contacts and everything associated with that.”

In playing the game, Schmidt feels there are also some common-sense safety rules to follow.

“We want people to be safe while they are doing this. That means being aware of your surroundings and looking up. Don’t walk out into the street to grab one of these Pokemon without being very cautious. Don’t go into anyone’s yard or walk up to someone’s house and knock on their front door.”

Additionally, Schmidt says the app consumes a lot of data so those with limited data plans should frequently monitor usage. Plus be aware that battery power can evaporate quickly because of the multiple programs needed to play the game.

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