Local teens were playing 'Pokemon Go' in Veterans Memorial Park in Winona, Minnesota when they were confronted by some war veterans.

In this profanity laced video you can see how the confrontation unfolds.

According to Kare11 news Bruce Reed, who is a well know Winona Vietnam veteran and chairman of the Veterans Memorial Park committee, confronts the players and orders them to take down tents and hammocks and leave the park.

In the video you can see the youth laughing and referring to Reed as a 'crazy old man.' Then things escalate until Winona police officers show up to calm things down.

Winona City Council has passed an ordinance that allows people to play the popular 'Pokemon Go' at the park, but has issued a ban on tents and hammocks.

Do you think these kids should be banned from playing Pokemon in this Veteran's park or are these vets overreacting?