I'm not going to pretend to be a perfect parent. I'm not. But my wife and I like to take our kids places to experience things. The problem is getting them there and keeping us sane.

We are taking a road trip this weekend with our kids and it will be a long drive. These are the things that must make the trip or we will either hate life or spend extra money along the way.

Here are the main things we bring along on a long road trip. And this would be spot on for potty-trained kids and older. Babies are a whole different thing.

1. Screens

There are a lot of things you can look at out the window. But let's be honest, a lot of what you will see out the window is the same you have seen before. If our kids get bored with what's out the window, which is assured, they will occupy themselves by picking on and fighting with each other. The iPads and old smartphones will be loaded up with movies and downloadable Netflix shows to pass the time.

2. Chargers for Screens

Screens don't work without juice. We have the car chargers, but also an inverter so wall chargers can be used too.

3. Snacks

Long trips require provisions to be brought along. Our kids never want to eat when we would like them to. So my wife and I will skip stopping for lunch on the road and keep trucking to the destination. But we can throw a bag of Goldfish or Cheez-Its their way and keep them satisfied a little longer. (The Cheez-Its are really for me.)

4. Soft Stuff

Blankets, stuffed animals, and the various pillows my daughter also requires to build her nest.

5. Bucket

Kids get sick and puke. It's a fact of life, especially during the school year. My daughter once barfed all over herself on our way to Mount Rushmore. That was without warning and the bucket would have done no good. But one of my boys suddenly said he felt like he was going to puke. He was right. Having a one-gallon ice cream bucket in the vehicle is never a bad idea.

Once we get to the place to do the things we don't want them on their screens. And I'm sure someone will see this and start telling the world in the comments what a terrible thing this is and that their kids don't need such mind-numbing things. To them, I would say "You should try it my way. You'll find the drive far more enjoyable when your kids aren't making noise, liar."

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