While you're sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table with your family next week, we're not sure whether or not you'll want to thank MGM for this bit of news: the studio is remaking 'Road House,' the 80s classic starring Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch, with director Rob Cohen -- a name you'll recognize as the director of the first 'Fast and Furious' movie, as well as the Vin Diesel action vehicle 'xXx.' It could be worse?

The Wrap reports that MGM has set Cohen to direct the remake from a script by Michael Stokes, who previously wrote the script for 'Crash Bandits,' another action vehicle that Cohen is directing. Cohen is currently working on the Jennifer Lopez thriller 'The Boy Next Door' for Blumhouse as a follow-up to 'Alex Cross.'

MGM has been in the business of trying to recycle some of its classic properties lately, with 'Carrie' being its most recent attempt (and failure), while a 'Poltergeist' remake is also in the works. (We're still a little optimistic about that one -- it does star Sam Rockwell, after all.)

The original 'Road House' is an 80s classic, and starred Swayze as a tough bouncer hired by the owners of a Missouri bar called the Double Deuce to help tame the wild clientele. The film also starred Sam Elliott and Ben Gazzara (who would both go on to have roles in 'The Big Lebowski').

We're not sure anyone could fill Patrick Swayze's shoes -- or muscle t-shirt -- but who do you guys think should be the next bouncer at the 'Road House'?

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