The landlocked Rick Knobe has chosen to close his chapter in radio and set sail on his new adventure on the water.

It's been more than three decades of politics, ideas and changing the face of how Sioux Falls has grown.

Before his days in Sioux Falls, Rick Knobe was working in Sioux City at KSCG.  Approached by Red Stangland, Knobe was offered a position at Stangland's new station in Sioux Falls, KCHF.

It was May 1st, 1971 when Rick moved to Sioux Falls and began his broadcasting career at 8th and Phillips at KCHF.  The program Your Opinion Please was his baby, and it grew into something bigger than he ever dreamed of.  Three years into the show Knobe recalls a phone call from a little old lady who suggested he run for mayor.  Knobe laughed it off, but the calls and letters kept coming in.  After the stamp of approval from his family, the decision was made to throw his hat in the ring for the leadership position in Sioux Falls.  Knobe was elected and noted as one of youngest mayors in the nation.

Service to the city in the forms of government and radio have been a part of Rick's life through the years.  His dedication to improving the waterways through the city and acquiring land for the bike path are just a part of his achievements.

With plans to go aboard his new baby, a 42 foot vessel named Tai Tan, Knobe will embark on his next journey, a 5,500 trip down the Mississippi, then turning east to the Atlantic coast and Key West, with stops northward including New York City, and continuing up the coast to eventually gain access to the Great Lakes and full circle to the Mississippi. Although the trip is scheduled for six months, retirement schedules allow to extend the trip longer if he'd like.

Family ties will ensure you'll still likely see Rick walking on a sidewalk downtown on occasion, or maybe peddling on a bike trail in the city.

Here at KSOO, he will be missed.  His knowledge, connections and ideas have been invaluable.

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