One of my funnest events last year was the Rib Cook Off in Freeman, South Dakota. Wait, is funnest even a word?

OK, one of the most delicious events is set for Saturday (August 19). It's The Fourth Annual Freeman Fire Department Firehouse Rib Cook-Off.

Jeremy Waltner
Jeremy Waltner

It's more than just ribs. There's a car show and shine, Kids water fight Been bag tournament and a fan favorite the sweet corn eating contest.

Last year was my first time to the event and I took a couple of important things away from last years event. Number one, pace yourself when your judging the rib contest. There were about 20 participants last year and sounds like they'll have just as many this year.

Last year Dan, Jared and Brady came over and brought Rich along. I haven't heard if Rich is coming over this year again, but if you do Rich, I"ll pay for the ribs if you drive home! I told you it was a lot of fun last year!

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