Affordable housing is a constant issue in South Dakota, especially in and around Sioux Falls. The southeastern part of the state is attracting thousands of people a year.

For those new arrivals and established locals alike, the price to not live in your car is exploding.

According to research by, the average rent in South Dakota has increased by nearly 18 percent in 2022 (Year-over-Year December '21 to '22). That's the third-highest increase in the United States.

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Rent in South Dakota Saw a Double-Digit Increase Last Year

South Dakota's southern neighbor, Nebraska saw the eighth biggest jump in rent over the last year, 12.6 percent.

December 2022's average monthly rent in South Dakota was $1184. The average for the whole country is $1,978.

Across the border in Minnesota, average rent has dropped 0.3% over the last year. Prices in the Twin Cities metro saw a drop of 8.6 percent.

The 10 states with the biggest rent increase year-over-year (December '21 vs'22):

  • Florida (+23.9 percent)
  • New York (+20.1 percent)
  • South Dakota (+17.9 percent)
  • Arkansas (+17.5 percent)
  • Delaware (+14.5 percent)
  • Tennessee (+14.2 percent)
  • Mississippi (+13.2 percent)
  • Nebraska (+12.6 percent)
  • North Carolina (+12.2 percent)
  • Utah (+12.1 percent)

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Rent in South Dakota Saw a Double-Digit Increase Last Year

There are some positives in this report. Overall rent prices in the US are declining. Whether Sioux Falls will be a part of this trend is yet to be seen. says it is a service that simplifies, "[T]he experience of connecting people & properties."

This is how they describe their methodology for this study, "We analyzed rental property prices in December 2022, the last full month of data, from Rent.'s available inventory to identify our median rent prices at the national, state and metro levels. Our analysis combines inventory and bedroom types into one simple median that covers all available rental units at the time."

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10 Most Dangerous Cities in South Dakota

Cities on the east and west side of the Missouri River have made the latest list of South Dakota's Most Dangerous Cities for 2021.

Roadsnacks recently released its most 'Dangerous Cities' list and here in The Mount Rushmore state there are a few surprises, especially at the top. To determine the most dangerous cities in the state, Roadsnacks looked at the FBI's report on the latest violent crime, along with property crime statistics.

And surprisingly, the town with the most murders per capita in the state has less than 3,000 residents. Take a look at the list below.

For a look at the detailed list, visit Story Source: Roadsncaks

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