Several people have been talking about a pretty unique vehicle that's been driving around in the Hermantown & Duluth area. It's been seen at several parking lots and it grabs your attention. When you say a car is a must see, it usually means that it's flashy sports car, or something like that. But, in this case it's kind of the opposite.

This looks to me like an older Volkswagen Golf. Maybe around 20 years old? The car is sporting a missing front bumper. A license plate in the front window, a replaced front quarter panel that doesn't quite match. They have a huge whip antenna on the back complete with some tennis balls.  All of that may have been seen before. What this one has that I've never seen before is a smokestack coming out of the hood. Is this a modified muffler? Is it ornamental? Is this a modified steam car? I have so many questions.

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My friend Dawn shared the photo on Facebook. She saw the vehicle at the Sam's Club in Hermantown. Others commented saying they had seen it at other parking lots and driving around in the Hermantown area. This sure can't be legal. For one the smokestack has to be an obstruction of the drivers view. Also, in Minnesota you are required to have a front and rear bumper. Is it just me or do those headlights look a little funny, too?

Maybe the smokestack is hooked up to the exhaust manifold? Maybe their muffler was shot? If that's the case this thing would have to be loud as hell and obviously fail any emissions test. Let's be real here, that's the last of this owner's concerns.

I'm not sure if I should be impressed with the piece of handy work or not. Part of me applauds the redneck engineering, like it may be something our of Red Green.

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