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7 Real Reasons to Not Move to Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a boomtown. I think we can safely say that. The metro area is nearly a quarter of a million people strong. The future of the Sioux Empire looks to be more of the same. It makes sense, Sioux Falls is a wonderful place to live.

Not too big, not too small. If it was a bear, it would be the baby because it's just right. We have an urban feel to our Western lifestyle.

Those of us who have been in Sioux Falls for decades are used to welcoming the regular flow of new neighbors that our city attracts.

More people means more ideas and more opportunities for Sioux Falls and its citizens.

A while ago I listed some reasons for people to NOT move to Sioux Falls. It was a humorous, ironic celebration of our town.

But the jokes and seeing lots of people asking online about living in the Queen City got me thinking, what are some real reasons for someone to not move to Sioux Falls?


8 Celebrities You May to Run Into In South Dakota

You may not think of South Dakota as the crossroads of celebrity life. That's a good thing, we kind of like to live under the radar here on the upper plains.

But, living in South Dakota we are just a few degrees away from stardom. Not just because the author of the Little House on the Prairie books is from here. Or because every time Tom Brokaw shows up on TV, someone will say, "You know he's from Yankton."

We may not have as much of a chance at a celebrity sighting in South Dakota as we would in Minneapolis, but there are some famous personalities you may run into in the 605.

Maybe South Dakota needs a new motto

South Dakota's current motto is 'Under God, the People Rule.' And has been since 1885. 

There is also the state slogan 'Great Faces Great Places.'

Motto or slogan; they both mean the same thing to the people that see the 'Welcome to South Dakota' signs.

But, it's more than just a phrase on a sign, it is our state's branding statement, so let's freshen things up.

How about some brainstorming? I’ll start:

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns


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