Does the "R" in "R rated" stand for raunchy? Well, it should, especially if you take a look at the films in this gallery.

Hollywood has given us plenty of laughs over the years, often pushing the boundaries of taste and political correctness all in the name of belly-aching, eye-watering guffaws. But there is a rating board for a reason, realizing that some of these jokes are not meant for impressionable eyes and ears.

So without further adieu, let's revisit some of those laugh-out-loud films that gave us cringeworthy sexual, drug-related, foul-mouthed and very adult moments we'll always remember.

If you can't look at hair gel, apple pie, stuffed toy pandas, campfire dinners or Neil Patrick Harris the same way ever again, this list is for you. Roll through this gallery as we reflect on the 30 Raunchiest R-Rated Comedies.

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