Keystone Light has just become my new favorite beer! the Molson Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado wants to make our lives a lot easier by paying our rent! According to Delish, The sweepstakes, which runs through August 29, will give 13 lucky winners $12,000 in rent money.

All you gotta do is input your birthday and some other basic information. You can enter every day, once a day through the end of the competition. Now if you aren't one of the 13 winners there is also some runner up prizes like a “getting older transition pack,” which comes with a Keystone Light-branded inflatable chair, shower curtain, Hawaiian shirt, and ‘can’delier, a chandelier made of Keystone Light cans.

MillerCoors Marketing Director of Economy Brands, Josh Wexelbaum said in a statement, “We know adulthood can be expensive, especially for those just graduating college and grad school. In the real world full of pressures and responsibilities, we want to give people the opportunity to enjoy a little more fun—like cold, smooth beer and good times with friends.”

Keystone Light is trying to attract more 21- to 24-year-old drinkers.

Source: Delish

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