Everybody knows stuff. You know stuff, I know stuff, and there is the stuff that everyone knows that would likely help someone else.

The stuff you know varies greatly depending on your experience. If you work in a hotel, especially at the front desk or in reservations, you probably know some stuff about how to get yourself a better deal. If you work in banking you probably know some stuff that would help lots of people make better decisions about their financial lives.

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This morning we were talking about this very thing: "What is a piece of advice you could give everyone based on what you know from your job?" Here is some of the advice we got.

  • FedEx driver. Please don't ask to leave packages in your garage, and then lock your walk indoor
  • I work for Amazon. When you claim you have not received packages, trying to get credits, asking for exemptions. We know when you are abusing the system. It is all tracked.
  • As a preschool teacher.....potty trained means 100%, toilet independent! No wiping, no accidents on the regular! No jeans please... why with the belts?
  • If you're thinking that you want new furniture by Christmas now is the time to get it because most furniture companies are taking about 20 weeks if not closer to October and September for your new pieces to come in.
  • I am a nurse in an emergency department, and a red flag to us is when you come in in pain and say you are allergic to all pain medication except Dilaudid.
  • As an employee of an auto parts store, it is incredibly helpful for us if you actually know what you drive... year, make, and model. You bought it, you should know what it is.
  • Please don't ask rescues or humane societies why they don't have more of certain dogs or when we are getting more in. We aren't a store and don't get shipments. We would rather not have any dogs.
  • Calling 911 and taking an ambulance to the hospital doesn’t make it quicker. You still see the doctor in order of need.

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