Fall has made its presence well known here in South Dakota and with that, the leaves have almost left their trees completely bare; some are still holding on but only just.

Meaning leaves are now everywhere and need to be rake which can be difficult for the elderly or those who financially aren't able to bag and take away their own leaves.

Thanks to the annual Rake the Town Event volunteers who according to Dakota News Now, are willing to help Sioux Falls residents on November 6 and November 7.

"Volunteers will help older people living throughout Sioux Falls clean up their yard. The goal is to help people over the age of 60, who do not have family available in the area to help and are not financially or physically able to do the work themselves"- Dakota News Now.

This annual event is put on by Workers on Wheels through Active Generations.

Those who are willing to help rake leaves need to bring their own rakes but bags for the leaves will be provided thanks to Workers on Wheels.

Regardless, of what the weather will be like on both November 6 and November 7 the raking will commence rain or shine!

Not wanting to rake those pesky leaves? Then take a look at this idea.

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