Wedding season is upon us which means lots of brides in big dresses trying to go to the bathroom. Usually, this means your bridesmaids have to accompany you to the restroom and lift up the massive dress so that you can relieve yourself.

Well, not anymore!

Bridal Buddy is a contraption that makes going to the bathroom in a big puffy dress no problem.

You wear it under your dress and then you have to go to the bathroom you lift it up and it holds the dress for you while you go to the bathroom. it also has arm holes so you can do your business.

Awesome! I wish this thing would have been around when I had prom. My senior prom dress was a pain to go to the bathroom.

Bridal Buddy was invented by a woman named Heather that worked at a Bridal shop and realized there was definitely a need for something like this. So, she fixed the problem.

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