Be prepared for a long commute on Thursday morning if you are using I-29 into Sioux Falls. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in Canton posted this notice on their facebook page:

According to the Argus Leader Media, there will be a demonstration on I-29 Thursday morning at 7 AM by truckers protesting problems facing the trucking industry.

This will start at the Canton exit (MM62) and will head into Sioux Falls. The convoy will be traveling NB at or near the minimum speed limit. This may cause traffic congestion so please be mindful during your morning commute.

Some people are already making these comments on facebook:
Chelsea Konda: I totally understand it but come-on people need to get to work on time and are already rushing after getting kids to school.

Brian Wick: Why don't you set up a weigh station then and give a mandatory inspection of each and every truck??

Heather Hadley: Let's grow up truckers bring and take things all over the United States and without them people wouldn't get food, clothes and many other things and wouldn't have jobs. So I'm not sure how it's dumb? and leave a little earlier if possible to arrive at work. I don't understand why a trucker's job gets disregarded there just as important as any other job.

Chad Nelsen: Maybe all the commuters will learn to leave 10 minutes sooner and not drive 95mph every morning.

Vicky Foster: I totally support the trucking industry and will thumbs up to show my support when I pass them. If I will be able to drive in the passing lane. Will this be a monitored event by HP? I would certainly think so. HP and sheriffs Dept wouldn’t allow hazardous conditions.

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