Regardless of how the voting goes, South Dakota will make history one week from today, November 3, when the state becomes the first to ever have separate medical and recreational marijuana issues on the same ballot in the same year.

High Times magazine is reporting that the latest survey data from Mason-Dixon Polling shows about 75 percent support among South Dakota voters for Measure 26, which would establish a program that would allow medical professionals to distribute cannabis to patients with qualifying health conditions.

The same polling revealed a much closer race for the issue of recreational marijuana in the state.

Slightly more than half (51%) of voters in South Dakota say they will vote in favor of Amendment A, which would legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and allow the growing of up to three marijuana plants.

Support for Amendment A varies greatly depending on political party affiliation.

The survey shows that 73 percent of South Dakota Democrats back the amendment, while 66 percent of state Republicans oppose it.

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