A Sioux Falls man has fallen victim to a rental scam.

"This was a guy that had been talking to some people the last couple of weeks about renting a house in Norfolk, Nebraska," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"On Tuesday this man wired the money to San Antonio. That's when he realized it may have been a scam. He called police and we did some checking. We found out it was in fact a scam. The house he wanted was for sale but not for rent. Our victim is out a $1,000."

Clemens offers these suggestions to residents who could get caught up in a rental scam.

"The main thing is this: do some homework before you're sending money. There are a lot of different ways that scams happen. A lot of different forms of payment are requested. If people are looking for gift cards or wiring it to a different city, that should be a red flag. Do some checking especially with the rentals. Call a realtor in that city where it's taken place just to make sure it's legitimate."

Once you send the money, Clemens says chances are you will never get it back.

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