A Parker man was arrested in Sioux Falls on Monday after he allegedly stole a car in order to meet with his parole officer.

"The investigation revealed that the suspect in this case had been released from the Pipestone, Minnesota Jail on Monday," according to Sioux Falls Police Lt. Kyle Hoekstra.

"Once being released from the jail, he found a vehicle in Pipestone that had been running. The suspect stole the vehicle and drove directly to Parole Services in Sioux Falls for a meeting with his parole officer."

Hoekstra says 21-year-old Ashton Whiteolsen didn't want to miss his meeting with the parole officer.

"From what I had read it sounds like (due to the cold temperatures) and not having a ride to get to Sioux Falls, that's why the vehicle was stolen in Pipestone and brought here for his meeting with the parole officer."

Whiteolsen was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

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