Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus says thieves ripped off packages from three homes in the city over the weekend.

"Before the people that lived there were able to secure the deliveries, somebody had taken them. It happened in the 7700 Block of West Raegan, the 1200 Block of South Kinderhook Avenue and the 8000 block of West Marlis Street. It's hard to give good advice. I will say if you have packages coming try to make sure you have somebody there to accept them or get them picked up in a timely manner."

McManus says it's unusual this crime happens this time of year.

"Normally we see this type of activity taking place around the holidays when deliveries are known to be made. We're not sure why this particular event happened over the weekend and in close proximity to each residence."

McManus says one way to prevent packages from being stolen is to sign up for signature confirmation when ordering online. By doing this, you must be home at the time the package is delivered.

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