Sioux Falls Police are searching for a man who exposed himself at Assisted Living Center at 1901 South Holly Avenue on Tuesday.

"The man was asking a nurse about volunteering and she gave him some information. She told him he would have to come back the next morning. She wasn't sure how he ended up inside the building because it is a secure building," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens explained.

"But, once he was there, the man asked the nurse if he could use the bathroom. About ten minutes later, she noticed the help sign on the outside of the bathroom. She went to see what was going on. When she opened up the door, the nurse found this same man naked inside the bathroom."

That's when she asked the naked man to get dressed and he did!

"She had him leave. We did get a name from the person. We are not sure if this is the suspect or if it was a fake name. But, we will be doing some followup to figure out who the person was."

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