A Monday night ride ended in a crash with wide ranging consequences for everyone involved. Even an infant was caught up in the incident.

Police say the event took place about 9:20 PM Monday. Sioux Falls Police Department spokesman Sam Clemens says the driver was on Tracy Lane in eastern Sioux Falls when it happened.

“The car drifted over and hit a parked car head-on. We had two people inside and in the car seat in the back was a three month-old baby.”

While the driver was being charged with a drug-related DWI, Clemens said more than just usage of narcotics was in play.

“The officer saw the passenger take a diaper bag out of the vehicle and then place it into another vehicle. After the arrest (she admitted) there were drugs inside the bag. They found some marijuana and some meth along with quite a few pieces of paraphernalia.”

Arrested were the driver 27-year old Micah Burns of Crooks and 28-year old Breanna Hansen of Sioux Falls on possession and distribution of a controlled substance charges, possession and distribution of marijuana charges, paraphernalia and a count of abuse and cruelty to a minor which is a felony.

Police say the child was injured, but not hospitalized. Relatives are currently taking care of the infant.

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