A Sioux Falls resident says a man with a gun got into his truck late Wednesday night at Hardee's (10th and Fairfax) and threatened him with a gun.

"He had gone through the drive thru and was sitting in the parking lot," according to Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "He said a man came walking past his truck, walked over to the passenger door and climbed in. The man started asking the victim all kinds of questions and then asked if he had a dollar. The victim didn't want to give him any money. So he moved his wallet from the console to his pocket. He said the man pulled out a handgun."

The two men then drove to another restaurant.

"The victim ended up driving to the Fryn Pan parking lot at 10th and Cleveland. As soon as he stopped the truck, he got out, ran inside the building and called police."

When officers arrived on scene, the vehicle was checked out.

"Eventually they called A K9 that indicated there were drugs in the car. They ended up finding a few different items that had some cocaine residue on it."

That's when 19=year-old Wyatt Reed of Sioux Falls was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substances.

Police have not located the man with the gun.

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