I love hearing a great story being told by someone who knows how to deliver the goods.

The art and importance of storytelling has ricocheted through all cultures throughout history.

I was very excited to see the art form will be presented in full force locally thanks to Plains Speaking People: Dakota Stories for the Stage

Plains Speaking People brings the tradition of storytelling to the stage spotlight. This night of stories told-with a South Dakota connection-will be as inspiring as it will be entertaining Through sharing our worlds and words, Plains Speaking People will create a night where the performers and audience can celebrate our history, ignite our imagination, and strengthen our community spirit.

Their first event is Friday, June 1st at at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Sioux Falls.

You can choose to come enjoy and drink in all the magical stories or be a story teller and share your voice with us.

Plains Speaking People will be selecting and showcasing 6 people to share their best story. The story is limited to 10 minutes, and the pitch must be given in 2 minutes or 250 words.

This event will also be a fundraising event for Sioux Falls student Brittany Cornejo and her dream of being the first Belizean to join the Up With People 2018-19 Tour.

You can submit your story and learn more about the event on the Plains Speaking People website.

Purchase your tickets now if you would like take in all the talent and great stories and maybe after watching you will find the courage to share your story.

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