Plain White T's and Parachute played the Washington Pavilion last night and they put on a great show.

There was a surprise opener, Tommy and the High Pilots.  That band puts on a great live set.  The lead singer is bouncing all over the place.  He's kind of sporadic and spastic with his movements, but I got a kick out of him.

Parachute came out next, and I will admit I didn't know much about them going in.  To my surprise I knew a couple of their songs.  I knew of them without knowing I knew of them.  Does that make sense?  'She is Love' and 'Something to Believe In' I knew instantly. Weird. Plus, they threw in a cover of Bruce Sprinsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark.'  Everybody loves a good cover jam.  They even brought a couple girls up on stage to dance like in the iconic video.  Maybe one of them will have a career like Courteney Cox.  Who knows?

Plain White T's ended the night with a great set.  For me, they were the main attraction.  I enjoyed the other bands and was pleasantly surprised, but I knew more of Plain White T's stuff plus they had a cool set up with the lights and everything.

Of course they did all the expected hits, 'Rhythm of Love,' '1,2,3,4,' and obviously 'Hey There Delilah.'  They sprinkled in some of their new stuff as well as some good old stuff.  I thoroughly enjoyed 'Hate (I Really Don't Like You)' and 'Our Time Now.'  I didn't get video of 'Let Me Take You There' but I love that song!

And then he gave us a hard time for not singing loud enough during the song.  Of course we all knew the song, we want to hear you sing it, silly.

All in all it was a great show!  All the bands put on a great show and I was thoroughly entertained.  Even though, I was up past my bed time.