The men wear shorts and a tank top.

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This is similar to the criticism that seems to erupt every four years about beach volleyball in the Olympics. The men wear shorts and a tank top, whereas, the women wear bikinis. As far as beach volleyball goes, some female players say they don't mind wearing bikinis because it is hot and they're comfortable. Whether it's beach handball or volleyball, shouldn't the women get to decide what they're most comfortable playing in? Do you like the bikini? Great! Prefer shorts? Great!

On the flip side, if a male player wants to wear a speedo, he should be able to do so.

Anyway, back to Pink. She heard about the fines and tweeted this:  


Gotta love her!

News of the Norwegian Handball Team came out last week and then this week (July 27), the German Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team made headlines for wearing full bodysuits instead of the high cut leotard. Again, let these female athletes wear what they feel comfortable in.

No one seemed to care when male swimmers started wearing swimsuits that covered more of their legs and torso.

Female athletics should be about their accomplishments in the pool, on the field or court, and in the gym. Not what they're wearing.

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