I wrote a story earlier in the week about how when I eat steak ketchup is my "steak sauce" of choice.

Wow. I'm amazed how many people I've heard from who also put ketchup on steak. Good for you. All hail the ketchup bottle.

Just so you know though, I was also called some really bad words for putting ketchup on steak. Oh well. (If you haven't read the steak story, here's a link.)

So now let's take things in a different direction. What are your thoughts on putting pineapple on pizza?

For me the answer is - YES PLEASE. I love pineapple on pizza. Throw on some Canadian bacon with lots of cheese and you've got yourself a winner.

I'm surprised though how many people immediately turn up their nose at the thought. I've got a few friends who won't even give it a try - never, ever.

I'm part of a golf group that gets together every Wednesday night - even during the winter - and from time to time we'll order in some pizza to share.

Once I suggested we order a pineapple-Canadian bacon pizza. Notice I said "once" - MY OH MY. They turned on me faster than a hungry hyena.

A couple of the guys argued that if it doesn't have pepperoni and/or Italian sausage on it, it isn't a pizza.

I'm of the belief that you either ARE a fan or NOT a fan of putting pineapple on pizza. There doesn't seem to be a lot of gray area - at least that I can tell.

I would argue though that those who say they "can't image ever putting pineapple on pizza" have never given it a chance. It really is very good.

A couple of other pizza flavors I like is barbecue chicken and Thai chicken. I also like chicken with a Mediterranean white sauce - YUMMERS.

In my humble opinion, the "pizza part" is simply the crust. What you choose to put on top of the crust is completely up to you. It doesn't have to have certain ingredients.

So the next time you're ordering out for some "zza," give pineapple a chance, combined with whatever type of meat you prefer. I think you'll become a fan.

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