It is prime pumpkin picking season! But if you're like me, you don't really know what makes a good pumpkin. They all look pretty good to me.

But I have scoured the internet to help you pick the perfect pumpkin. These are the five things you should remember while picking out your pumpkin.

1. Check for soft spots and mold. Double check the bottom and press firmly with your thumb. If it gives a little then it's a bad pumpkin.

2. Keep in mind that pumpkins keep ripening even off the vine. So just because a pumpkin isn't super orange now doesn't mean it won't be. Sometimes picking a pale pumpkin now means a perfect pumpkin later.

3. Make sure the stem is still in tact. Also, a dark green stem is best. The greener the stem the fresher it is. A black stem means the pumpkin was picked awhile ago.

4. Pumpkins with flat walls and shallow ribs are better for carving. Also, tall or oblong pumpkins tend to have stringier insides. That can make precise carving more difficult.

5. Once you think you have the perfect pumpkin do this quick test before you buy it. Set it on a flat surface to make sure it stands upright! You wan't your pumpkin to have good posture!

So there ya go! Now you're a pumpkin picking pro.

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