Talk of the mayor’s new administration building proposal has been all over the local news. But now, some local residents are actually taking action themselves, hoping to stop the project’s funding and combat the project altogether.

The city project, which would cost around $25 million, was originally passed on by the Sioux Falls City Council. However, shortly after their decision, Mayor Mike Huether vetoed the council’s outcome, planning to move forward with the project anyway.

Sioux Falls residents in a group called ‘Citizens for Integrity’ have decided to begin a petition in hopes of halting the project. The group believes that the public should be entitled to voting on the new building meant for city employees. They’re currently attempting to reach 5,700 valid signatures on the petition in order to get the question open to residents on the ballot. They want this to happen before the sale of bonds on October 1st.

The topic of the building proposal has caused much controversy over the past month. In fact, 1,000 people have already signed a petition just this past weekend in front of the ‘Stop the Funding’ campaign headquarters.

The effort is headed by Bruce Danielson and former city council member Kermit Staggers. Danielson says:

“We have people going through neighborhoods. We're getting reports of people walking their dogs with a petition in their hands and people are hollering out the door saying, 'Is that the petition?’”

KELOLAND News tried to reach Mayor Mike Huether about the petition on Thursday, but he said he did not have a comment on it. However, he is continuing to say the city needs the building now.

There have been Facebook comments in response to Keloland’s article on KELO's website. The response lacks support, stating that the mayor should be stopped and that there is nothing wrong with the current structure.

We will keep you updated on further information we find on this ongoing topic.