Halloween & Costume Organization has launched a petition directed at PresidentTrump asking that Halloween be moved to the last Saturday of October.


They say that moving the holiday would lead to more safety for trick or treaters and less stress for the parents. Apparently, fewer parents accompany their children when Halloween falls on a weeknight - like this year. The header reads: It's time for a Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration! Let's move Halloween to the last Saturday of October!

Trump has not responded to the petition created on Change.org but 28,000 people have already signed it.

Newser's readers weighed in with one reader saying, "Sure it's a pain in the butt during the week, trying to get home, get kids fed, and ready to go but that is part of what Halloween is all about. - Todd. Another said, "I would like to petition that Halloween be moved to a month that's warm for us northeastern people. Also, free dental care for my kids because of all the candies they have eaten." - Ultimate Unicorn.

Halloween, or "All Hallows' Eve," falls on Oct. 31 simply because that's the eve of Nov. 1, which was declared by Pope Gregory III to be a day honoring all saints.


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