Summer is almost over and I know where I'm going to spend the rest of it. Pave's rooftop patio is set to open on August 28th!

One of my favorite outdoor activities is drinking on patios! I'm so excited.

There aren't too many details being revealed yet, but the patio adds 7,000 square feet to the establishment. Pave is already one of the bigger bars downtown with two stories.

A grand opening party is scheduled for August 30th. The new downtown Lewis also opens on August 30th.

A select few have had a sneak peak of the new patio as seen in this Facebook post! A lucky couple in Sioux Falls used the patio for their wedding photos! How cute?!?!

Pave has recently updated their menu as well. They have new and improved menu items like a heaping helping of nachos or the lemon oregano sandwich.

Pave is located 130 S. Phillips Avenue.

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