The weather is finally getting warm and that means one thing: ice cream. And lucky for me, a new ice cream establishment opened its doors.

Parlour Ice Cream House opened in downtown Sioux Falls. It's located at 340 S. Main Ave. right across from the Washington Pavilion.

My friends and I decided to try it out this weekend. The line was out the door, but totally worth the wait. Honestly, the line moved pretty quick and some samples were given while we were waiting in line.

The flavors run the gamut. There are your usual flavors like strawberry or chocolate chip, but then there are some fun funky flavors too, like pistachio or nicory, which is fennel pollen gelato with candied orange and vanilla crumble! Yum!

I had one scoop of play ball, which is popcorn gelato with caramel and chocolate peanuts. It's like a day at the ball park, but in ice cream form. It was really good. Salty and sweet! And I got it in a fresh made waffle cone! So good! Crispy yet still soft. I don't know how they do it!

There is also a sampler you can order if you want to try a few flavors and share. There is also a fun take on an ice cream sandwich. The Frenchy is vanilla ice cream between croissants from CH Patisserie! Yum!

Oh, by the way, the same guy that brings us deliciousness at CH Patisserie is also the owner of this magnificent ice cream Parlour.

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