Earlier this week, former 2NE1 singer and K-pop star Park Bom's 2010 drug scandal was revisited on South Korean investigative program PD Notebook.

On Thursday (April 26), the artist appeared on Sports Kyung Hyang, where she opened up about the episode, as well as her thoughts on the controversy that has marred her career for the past eight years.

"A mutual acquaintance contacted me, so I watched PD Notebook with my parents. They seem to be immune to the word 'drugs' now as they just sighed. It's so difficult for me to see my parents like that," Bom explained, per Allkpop.com.

"When the drug reports first came out, they asked, 'Did you actually do drugs?' but they just sigh now. If I had done drugs even once, I would not feel that it's unfair to hear things like that. I've really never done drugs. I did get investigated, but I wasn't charged," she continued.

Bom, who suffers from depression, explained that she's had to take prescription medication for the condition since middle school. Unfortunately,  isn't "well-known in South Korea," so she decided to obtain treatment from the U.S., where she was prescribed Adderall.

"I have an illness that's personal ... The name of the disorder has recently become known [in South Korea], but there's no exact medication for it, so I take medication for ADHD. As it's not the right medication, it's difficult to suffer through the disorder," Bom said.

"I was labeled a drug smuggler when I brought in Adderall. In the United States, it's a common medication used to treat disorders like the one I have," she continued. "It's something that happened partially due to my ignorance during the process of bringing it, but it's frustrating when people say the medication is 100% amphetamines. They call it drugs, but it's something I need to take to treat my disorder."

In 2010, the singer was caught using international mail to ship herself narcotic amphetamines, the use and possession of which are illegal in South Korea.

At the time, Bom's agency, YG Entertainment, stated that the medication was "for Park Bom's depression treatment purposes and she did not know it was illegal."

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