Wanting to attend a Minnesota Vikings game this upcoming season? Here's the early outlook on how much it will cost to get in the door.

Season tickets have sold out again for the Vikings this season. Even since the opening of US Bank Stadium, season tickets have been hard to come by. That has left single tickets harder to come by on the primary market, but also have increased the price on the secondary market.

Single game tickets are scarce but some are still available through Ticketmaster. Most of the tickets that are currently on the site are near row one of the lower level and will cost roughly $600-$900 per seat. It appears at this time (April 23) that there are some single game tickets available for every game.

For those interested in the secondary market route, a good idea of how much it will cost to  get into each game can be found early. People tend to be excited about the upcoming season following the NFL schedule release and they start planning their trips to the cities.

The secondary market is always like the stock market. High profile games, especially night games, are always more in demand and cost more while games against teams that struggled last season or don't come around much tend to cost less. That trend seems to be the case again for the 2018 season.

Tickets will fluctuate on the secondary market as the season draws near. The first home game usually stays pretty steady, but as the season progresses prices will start to rise or fall depending on how good the team coming in is.

Use this as a guide as of April 23, 2018 as to what games will end up costing the most and which ones might end up being a bit more affordable. Again, prices will continue to move up and down as the season nears.

Here are the current "get-in" price or the cheapest ticket available on the most popular secondary market website StubHub! Prices are for one single ticket.

  • Week 1, September 9: vs. San Francisco - $90
  • Week 3, September 23: vs. Buffalo - $78
  • Week 6, October 14: vs. Arizona - $73
  • Week 8, October 28: vs. New Orleans - $96 (Sunday Night Football)
  • Week 9, November 4: vs. Detroit - $83
  • Week 12, November 25: vs. Green bay - $154 (Sunday Night Football)
  • Week 15, December 16: vs. Miami - $72
  • Week 17, December 30: vs. Chicago - $88


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