It's been a long winter.

Of course, I say that every year. It's been a long winter. If you're a winter person, love the snow and cold, this is the worst time of the year for you.

Too bad.

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For me, it's the best. Having spent a lot of winters in the upper Midwest (well, all my winters, actually), you'd think I'd not only have gotten used to winter but fell in love with it.

Nope. I'm a summer guy, so this is the best time of year for me. I'm more than ready for the temperature warm-ups and the blessed sunshine. it!

And so do my friends on the bikes and cycles.

Do me a big, big favor would you?

Keep an eye out. When you come to an intersection, no matter in the city, in the small town, in the country...on that beautiful hardtop street or highway, or on that lovely dusty ol' farm gravel road (I grew up alongside those), look both ways.

Then look both ways again. And then go ahead one more time.

Seriously. With that long stretch of cold and snow, my friends on two-wheels are anxious to get out and let 'er rip a bit, and I don't blame them! And I may just have forgotten about them, just a little bit. So I'm going to take an extra half a minute or so and look left, then right. Then left, then right. Then one more time.

I'd rather have you give me an annoying honk from behind than make a mistake.

And to all you two-wheelers, spring is here and summer's comin'! Safe and happy riding!

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