Yeah, we're pretty darn sick of Tom Brady hoisting the Lombardi trophy high in the air like Mufasa holding Simba while confetti flies - and, apparently, most of America is, too.

According to a new survey by Forum News Service and BetOnline, only one state outside of New England is rooting for the Patriots.

Other than the states in the Northeast, the only state that supports the Patriots is North Dakota.

Every other state, from border to border, from coast to coast, is rooting for the Eagles.

This is truly surprising because the beloved Eagles starting quarterback, Carson Wentz (who is currently out with injury) attended North Dakota State University!

Despite the vast majority of football fans not wanting another championship ring for the Patriots, it's hard to cheer for the Eagles after videos surfaced depicting despicable behavior by the Eagles fanbase toward the visiting Minnesota Viking fans in the NFC Championship in the so-called "City of Brotherly Love."

Oh, we'll have the game on - and we'll hope for an exciting contest - but this one's all about the food...and the beer.

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