The Eagles performed at Target Field Saturday night (June 30) amid worries of rainy weather. As it turned out, the night was beautiful and even the clouds fell away half-way through the concert leaving a mostly clear sky in downtown Minneapolis. If you spent any time at all in the Twin Cities Friday or Saturday, you would have sworn you were in Honolulu. When Jimmy Buffett opens the show, the Parrotheads were out in full force with loud attire and every bar catered to the frenzy with drink specials with margaritas in high demand.

A half-packed stadium at 6:00 PM warmly welcomed opening act Caroline Jones to the stage, and she proved worthy to be on the ticket. Her country roots and soulful voice paved the way for some of Buffett's best island music.

People filled seats quickly with moments before Buffett showed and Parrotheads were not disappointed - but are they really ever bummed when the Captain is in town? "Cheeseburgers in Paradise", "Margaritaville", and "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw" had the fans in a raunchy pirate kind of mood. By the way, margaritas were $18.50 at Target Field.

At 9:00 PM sharp, the light came up on the Eagles. They opened with harmonies beautifully matched for "Seven Bridges Road." The revamping of the classic rock band was everything Eagles fans could've hoped for. After the passing of frontman and songwriter Glenn Frey in 2016, his son Deacon proved that he learned a thing or two from his dad. One of the biggest approvals from the crowd came when Don Henley said, " Minneapolis, I'd like to introduce you to Deacon. His papa would be proud."

Before Deacon took the lead on "Peaceful, Easy Feeling," he revealed that his dad used to take him fishing in nearby Brainerd.

Vince Gill quipped that he's "the 61-year-old new guy" which brought a huge welcome for the life-long fan of the Eagles - and followed it with a masterful performance of "Lyin' Eyes."

"Love will Keep us Alive from the Hell Freezes Over LP was led by longtime Eagle Timothy B. Schmidt

But it was Joe Walsh who had the 42,000 fans clamoring for more. Pulling a few hits from his time in the James Gang including "Funk 49" and "Walk Away" with a tremendous horn section was simply amazing.

Don Henley spent much of the evening on the drum kit and vocals. While his voice cracked a few times, he gave his all in another stellar performance.

"Hotel California" for the first encore was as perfect and polished as I’ve ever heard it. The second encore of the night brought Walsh back to center stage with plenty of axes and a flawless 'Rocky Mountain Way."

Overall, all of the hits you'd expect at an Eagles show were played - and they were great.

When the third and final encore began with "Desperado" a shooting star flew overhead. I'm pretty sure that was Glenn giving his nod of approval to a great show and a terrific performance by his son Deacon.

Eagles with Jimmy Buffett, Minneapolis - June 30, 2018

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