The Vikings didn't have any terribly memorable moments for me this year, aside from the familiar feeling of a slow slide into missing the playoffs. But I'll settle for reliving the greatest moment in Vikings history, at least in my life of watching them.

One year ago today, January 14, 2018, was the Minneapolis Miracle.

The fact that I was even still watching was a tad lucky. I was hanging on with typical disappointment and cynicism because it was not mathematically impossible that they couldn't pull it out. The detestable New Orleans Saints led 24-23. The Vikings only needed a field goal. After getting the ball at the 25 and false starting back to the 20 it seemed ultimately hopeless. After one fortunate play that got them to their own 39 yard line, they were only 20 or 25 yards away from field goal range so one lucky play or pass interference could get it done.

3rd and 10 with 10 seconds left. Case Keenum drops back, throws the pass toward the sideline and Stefon Diggs gets his hands on it. Me and probably 70% of Vikings fans all said the same thing: "GET OUT OF BOUNDS!" Diggs kept running. I kept waiting for another white jersey to enter the frame. Diggs kept running. No white jerseys. Diggs scored. I don't remember much of anything after that.

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
Getty Images

My favorite video of this play is the sideline stadium camera that was at the goal line when the play started. No announcers, no graphics, just the play from a distance and the jet engine roar of the fans losing their minds when the impossible happened.

My daughter caught me freaking out after the play was over. She doesn't get my reaction when it happened, but she got the aftermath.

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