This morning on the show I told the story about getting, for the lack of a better term, old-timey photos were done in historic Deadwood.

It was a girls trip so obviously we went all Saloon Girl!

If you are heading out West River and doing some of these photos is on your list, I would suggest calling ahead and making an appointment. We got ours done at Woody's Wild West Photography. When we arrived for our scheduled time our temperature was taken and we were escorted to our fitting room.

Now, to fit these clothes on lots of different sized people, most of them just have ties on the back. Because of this, they offer you shorts to wear underneath so your goodies don't show. Well, the person helping us get dressed thought that since my skirt fit all the way around and my butt wasn't hanging out like a hospital gown, I didn't need shorts. I thought that was fine as well until we actually started taking the photos.

The male photographer kept telling me to put my leg this way and that and moving my skirt around and I was like, "Um, excuse me. I'm basically flashing people here."

Now, I was wearing undies, but still. It was a bit uncomfortable. And not just because I couldn't breathe wearing that corset. I'm sure he's not even phased by it and he does a million of these photos a day, but I don't.

Anyway, the pics turned out great so I guess he knows what he was doing.

Also, I could never be a model. Before every photo the photographer would yell, "Ok, shoulders back, sit up straight, toes pointed, smile (or don't smile depending on the photo), look here!" That doesn't seem like it would be hard to do, but it is.

Old Timey Photos in Deadwood

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